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Auction Event Results

These properties where all sold at the Pattinson Property Auction on the Wednesday, 29 April 2015 held at Preston Marriott PR3 5JB

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Lot AddressSold For
1114 Bulford Road, Walton, Liverpool£33,000
485 New Line, Bacup, Bacup£34,000
55a Wolseley Street, Lancaster, Lancaster£90,000
86 Redvers Street, Burnley, Burnley£37,000
1120 Burnley Road East, Rossendale, Rossendale£65,000
1279 Moss House Road, Marton Moss, Blackpool£155,660
192 Dewhurst Close, Darwen, Darwen£94,000
21386 Bacup Road, , Rossendale£24,000
23127 Waterbarn Street, Burnley, Burnley£20,000
These results are updated in real time, two days after an auction takes place onwards.
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