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Auction Event Results

These properties where all sold at the Pattinson Property Auction on the Tuesday, 25 August 2015 held at Falcons Rugby Club

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Lot AddressSold For
120 Alexandra Terrace, Wheatley Hill, Wheatley Hill£32,500
214 East Moor Road, Pallion, Sunderland£45,000
540 Broomridge Avenue, Condercum Park, Newcastle upon Tyne£70,000
659 Garden City Villas, , Ashington£65,000
773 Gowland Avenue, Fenham, Newcastle upon Tyne£125,000
959 Lesbury Avenue, Shiremoor, Newcastle upon Tyne£55,000
1010 Burnham Grove, Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne£25,000
2160 Ariel Street, , Ashington£41,000
27173 Trevelyan Drive, Newbiggin Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne£66,050
3082 Faraday Grove, Bensham, Gateshead£50,000
351 Church View, Front Street, Alston£39,000
3623 Larchwood, Harraton, Washington£148,000
4112 Kenton Lane, Kenton, Newcastle upon Tyne£135,000
42Land At Railway Terrace, West Cornforth, Ferryhill£50,000
4557 Whitehouse Lane, North Shields, North Shields£70,000
4711 Heathfield, Morpeth, Morpeth£60,000
4837 Renwick Walk, Morpeth, Morpeth£75,000
5132 Cavendish Gardens, Ashington, Ashington£50,000
5497 St. Stephens Way, Percy Main, North Shields£39,000
57115 Elwick Road, Hartlepool, Hartlepool£45,000
608 Church Street, Durham, Crook£90,000
618 Sanderson Terrace, Widdrington, Morpeth£70,000
63118 Woodhorn Drive, Choppington, Choppington£21,000
6515 Oakland Road, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne£133,000
664 Millbank Terrace, Bedlington, Bedlington£50,000
These results are updated in real time, two days after an auction takes place onwards.
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